My name is Florence, people call me Flo, Flossie, flada it really doesn't matter as long as they call me. I got the name Florence from my Grandmother. I live in Ashley a little place in Pennsylvania. I am married to Paul and we have a son named David he's 45 married to a Sweet girl named Rose. And a daughter, Sharon Ann, 44 who lives in North Carolina, but comes to see me when ever she can. I am so proud of my children,`they turned out so well! They treat me like a queen which I am far from that ~ Princess ok  lol

I hope you all enjoy my little space on the Web, thank you all for coming. I would appreciate if you would sign my guest book, I sure would like to know what you think about it.

I wouldn't have these pages if it weren't for my dear friends Debbie, and Lady Delia who did all the hard work for me. Thank you Debbie, Lady Delia and Cathy! You all are such Wonderful people! God Bless You!

Oh Thank you USA Drifters for the honor
of this wonderful award!!!
I will cherish it forever.

Received Dec.13, 2000

This sweet angel was made for me by my Sweet Sister Helen. I want to thank her for teaching me how to make these beautiful dolls. On the next pages you will see some of the Angels I have made. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them! To view MY ANGELS, go to the NEXT page.

PLEASE NOTE: These dolls are MY private collection that I made. You may NOT use these on your site unless you get premission from me first. If you would like to use one of the dolls on MY site please email me with your request, I will get back to you asap.. Thank you for reading this. Flo

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