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Here are some of the wonderful Birthday gifts
I received from my daughter and
some very special friends
for my 61th birthday, May 5th, 2001
Sending Thanks to everyone for making this
another GREAT Birthday!!!

A Lovely gift from my daughter
Sharon & her fiance Mark

These gifts are from my Cyber Sister Delia

These Wonderful Gifts are from
My Cyber Sister Sally

Another Great gift, this is from
My friend Bev

This Pretty gift is from Riri @ RAOK

A Lovely gift from
The RAOK Birthday Committe

Please see the Beautiful Birthday Pages
made for me by some SPECIAL Friends
Andy, April, Nancy, Dee, and Joan
Click Birthday Pages by Friends

{Birthday Pages By Friends}

Birthday Cookies & Cupcake were baked @
Gramma Hugs
My Birthday Bear came from Vicki's
Angel Birthstone came from Barbara's Roost
Visit *Random Acts Of Kindness* *RAOK*

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