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Our "Birthday Gal" Is:

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Hello, Dear Flo!
I am so very HAPPY to have this Opportunity to wish You

"Happy Birthday!"
And how wonderful it is to meet a New Friend!
Dear One, I wish I could give You a MILLION of These!

(Click HERE!)

Dear Lady, TODAY is not the Time to be counting Calories!

On Your Birthday it is OK to eat the WHOLE CAKE!


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Your Party is not over yet, Dear Lady!!
You can find ANOTHER Celebration for YOU HERE! at Dear JOAN's Place!

And Our Sweet APRIL wants YOU in her California Party HERE!

Now take a Quick Trip back to California to Party with a Certified LUNATIC "Lovely Lady" --

Our Sweet "DEE-Da Brat" has created a Party for YOU HERE!

A Flight to Ohio will place You in our Dear "NURSEY NANCY'S" capable hands as you celebrate HERE! at her beautiful Page!

Dear Lady, Click on the Music Box for a Musical Birthday Wish for You!

Dear "FLO," This Page was made with Lots O' Love...
Especially for YOU!
"Happy Birthday" to Ya ... and ...
***Happy Landings***

A Message from Flo,
Dear Andy, Joan, April, DEE-Da Brat & Nancy
Thanks so much for the Beautiful Birthday Pages that you made for me! I LOVE ALL of them and appreciate your kindness! You have made this birthday a very Special and Happy one!

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