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This doll I received
from my Sister
Helen, who taught
me to make these
doll dresses.I
believe it was a
gift for doing so
well. After all I
had a good teacher,
the best, My Angel!

Here is a cutie too.
I call her Miss
Poland because she
wears the Polish
Colors & represents
my nationality.

Ohhh I know you
will just love this
one! I received
her as a gift from
my sweet niece Deb,
who makes nice things
like this as gifts
for her family.
Yes, your right her
name is Miss Piggie.

Here is a doll
that I never dreamed
would look so pretty
after I made her.
This Doll I renamed
because I found a
friend who I
would like to name
her after. Well when
she is all dressed
up she might look
like this,even though
her hair is a
different color. Meet
Lady Debbie
(Binkie all dressed up).
Thank you all for
visiting me. I would
appreciate if you
signed my guest book.

Ohhhh my forgot about
this one she lives
in Florida.I made
her & gave my Angel
Sister & teacher
it as a gift.
I don't know if
she has a name I
guess I will just
call her "Flo"
after myself!!

Congratulations, You have found the
RAOK Easter Basket for 2001

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