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This Doll's name is
Franceen. For some reason
she looked like she might
have come from Paris LOL~
I thought that was a
good name for her.
Her dress is green with
a yellow trim.
She is also an orginal
made by me ~ 9/19/95

Here are two sweet
young ladies who became
friends after meeting in
cyberspace ~One is from
Ohio the other from Pa
~oh gee I sure hope
they donīt mind me
saying all of this ~
Love ya girl

Well here we have
a Porcelain Doll my
daughter gave me to
dress ~wow! what a
job. I wasn't that
good yet, to take
on a different
type doll, especially
one like this.I
wish I had put
dates on them all.
Well as you can see
I did the best I
could just to cover
her up since she had
no clothes on when I
received her. I
call her my Sweet Sharon

Ohhh what a beauty!
She is a Lady as
you can see ~As
soon as I saw her
I adopted her.
When I brought
her home I seen
that she had only
1/2 an arm, well that
was soon fixed with
the aid of another doll.
Now my Lady is
looking & feeling
great~ I now
call her Lady D.

This cute little
doll I made when
I had no other
dolls on hand. I
had fun making her,
she was made when
I was in a silly
mood. I say she
is Miss USA LoL
well the colors
are there !!!

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