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Thanks for coming to see all
the wonderful Xmas presents
that my GREAT friends
have sent me!!!

Check them out,
they are ALL so neat!!!
Thanks to all of
you for making this
a very special
Christmas for me... (((HUGS)))

Here is my Xmas card for you

Please feel free to take
this to your site

Thank you Debbie
for making this for me

This Beautiful Diamond Ring
was sent by my Sweet daughter
Sharon & her Mark

Sharon also wrote this:

I looked & looked for
a special little
something for you,
but could never find anything
               When I saw this,
I knew it would be
something that would be you,
and shine almost as much as
you do in My Heart!
All our LOVE,
        Forever & Ever!
We Love You!
Sharon and Mark

Thanks Delia for these
2 beautiful Xmas Angels,
the Beautiful Spirit flower
balloon and Xmas card

The Site Fights Spirit Flowers
Send a Spirit Flower!

Thanks so much Sally,
these gifts made my day

Thanks Debbie
I Love these

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