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Thanks for coming to see all
the wonderful Xmas presents
that my GREAT friends
have sent me !!!

Check them out,
they are ALL so neat!!!
Thanks to all of
you for making this
a wonderful xmas..

OH thanks Debbie
your card is Darling

HeHeHe.. Now you all
know I was bad this
year.. Thanks Debbie

Thank you my sweet
David and Rose

Thank you Delia for
the beautiful RAOK Bell

Oh Thank you Sally
for the wonderful RAOK Bell

Oh Thank you Delia
this card is so cute

Thank you Sweet Sally.
this is beautiful

Thank you Debbie
I can't wait to see
this all melted...

The Site Fights Melting Candles
Send a Melting Candle!

Thank you Joan,Donna & Lily
I DO Love these bears...

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