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I made alot of dolls
which I gave away to
friends, family & neighbors.
Oh, also to St Leo's Bazaar.
So if anyone won them
they were made by me with
the help of God!!! I have
dolls in alot of states...
NC. FL. NY, Ohio. & plenty
in PA. I have given
up making them now
& am making shawls,
which are given to all
my friends, family,
and to my neighbors.
I also have given
some to ST. Leo"s"
for their bazaar.

The 2 dolls together
are to show people we
can all be together
as one, for we are
all under the same God !!

This yellow doll I call
*Sunshine*, cause she
is so bright in color.

This doll was to be a
trend of the 60"s & 70"s...
I just called her *Little

Well, this doll was so
pretty when I bought her,
I just wanted her to be
special. So I dressed her
in green. I love all
people & wanted to
show them I cared no
matter what their
skin color was.

This doll was a
gift to me from
My Angel Sister
Helen. Again the
dress is an orignal.
This is a "Bed Doll"
she gave me when
I was in Florida
visiting with her
& her lovely
family.Her name is
Doll Baby..LOL
she is a Doll
Baby !!! Thanks Sis.
I love her !!

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