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All the dolls are originals,
I had no pattern. The
Green one was my first doll
My sister Helen helped me
make the top of the dress.
I wasn't that good yet,
but at all times never once
did she say I wasn't doing
well. I got a lot of praise
from her & that made me
want to go on & see
what else I could do. I think
I surprised my self.

All dolls have slips, which
my sister Helen sewed for
them .She is good at that too.

My first ANGEL !!

I call this one *Lady Ann*.
She is named for a
sweet lady that sat by
me at work. Ann was
always so good to me,
her & I are Polish,so
she taught me a few Polish
words. Ann is precious,
so thats why *Lady Ann*
is too.

I have just named this
sweet ANGEL Cathy, for
the lovely sweet person
who did the doll
graphics for me. I don't
know what I would have
done without Cathy !!

This ANGEL is named *Binkie*,
after my sweet friend Debbie,
who I love like a sister.
Also I would like to thank
my sister Helen, for making
this beautiful doll for me.

I didn't make this doll.
It was a gift to me, I
just wanted to share her
with you. Her name is
Helena, isn't she beautiful?

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