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Why worry about people
you can only be who you are,
I am me and me I shall be!

I try my best to be as nice as I can.
and if it bothers people that's ok
because I am just being me!

I judge no one
and love all that I meet!
Well yes there are exceptions,
those are the ones I pray for
who don't understand me!

I laugh with my friends
I also cry when they are hurting!
I also cry by the way
they write things to me!
Yes my heart can be touched,
and it has been by many of
my cyber friends!

I have learned a lot on this
little machine more than some think.
For without this I would be oh so lonely!
You see when one gets sick
or isn't in the working force,
they cease to loose their
so called friends,
which were so great at the time.

I am now oh so happy
with my new found friends!
They all have funny names,
but their hearts show oh so bright!
They are there for me morning,
noon and night!

They are *My Sweet Loving Angels*,
God Bless Them!

Written by FLO KOHL

Thank You Andy for the Beautiful Award!

Thank You Herb for the Beautiful Award!